My Best Friend Died Poems

Here are a few sample poems from the book, My Best Friend Died. These poems are copyrighted by the author but free for you to read and print for re-reading for your own enjoyment.



You’re gone and I am lost

How could God let you die?

You’re gone; my only friend

All I can do is cry

You’re gone and I’m alone

I wish I’d said goodbye

You’re gone. How do I live?

All I can do is try.


Unanswered Letters


Memories drifting to and fro

Moving through my head

All the time I think of you

Now that you are dead


We did this and we did that

Are all that I can say

No more saying we will do

Something else today


I write you letters

All unanswered

You can never write back to me

letters blurring jumbled together

They are all that I can see


But I will write

My words still flowing

Until I sleep ‘neath September’s moon


And when they stop

Don’t be disheartened

I’ll be with you soon.